CATCHING FIRE catches fire

Box Office: ‘Catching Fire’ Ablaze Friday With $70.5 Million »

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

HUNGER GAMES is setting some box office theaters on proverbial fire with a pre-Thanksgiving weekend romp.. It’s going to be a big movie when final numbers come out.
Just in my little neck of the woods, the theater at the Schuylkill Mall in Frackville PA actually devoted all of its theaters to this film on Friday due to the demand for ticket sales. And even my quiet and reserved brother, who seldom takes part in such affairs, went to the movies with his family to see this film. If Lionsgate got my brother, well hell they could get anyone. 
The other part of this weekend’s box office is just how bad Vince Vaughn is doing.According to the DEADLINE breakdown from Friday night’s box office, the DELIVERY MAN is a big bust.. But next to HUNGER GAMES, nothing really can compete.
We are told that experts are predicting $150 mil plus for HUNGER GAMES. That’s big. And it will be the biggest November film ever. And maybe some other records, too…


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