Case of the Mondays: Real horror, fake horror. Justin Bieber nipple biting. It’s all in a post Super Bowl wrap


The Groundhog slept after seeing his shadow.. as did the Denver Broncos during the Super Bowl last night. But when I went to bed the snow had melted on the ground and it was warm and muggy. This morning, waking to a winter storm with lots of snow on the ground with more coming, it reminds me of how changeable life is..
 So is the news, and the news is ready for you to read:

This is winter.. and more of the weather version of the season is coming..

Three snowstorms will slam the United States (much of it at least) this week..

Fake snow videos debunked by common sense and science..

The INDY STAR goes in depth (further) on its reporting of the Latoya Ammons exorcisms with a special page..

How other media outlets handled the Ammons story.. What was amazing to me, more than anything, was not the type of reporting that occurred but the volume of it. The story lit up the internet into a blaze, and that night became the subject of late night paranormal radio shows across America.. hosts of those shows were as baffled by the mainstream coverage as anyone else. The Drudge Report picked it up and the wildfire of attention only increased.. but the INDY STAR reports that some headlines were a bit more sensational than they should have been..

It’s not a Super Bowl Monday unless there are some videos and photos of fans in the victory city rioting..

9-11 truther interrupts post game press conference..

Police in Italy remove the “Super Pope” graffiti..

‘People are eating cats’: Starvation, deaths plague Syria camp

AFP: All that remains of Bor, a small market town that has changed hands four times in the latest South Sudan conflict, is an overwhelming smell of putrefying bodies and scattered trash that successive waves of looters ignored.

Russia considering total ban on GMO!

CHILLING: UK media organizations have warned that if a government bill authorizing police to seize journalists’ notebooks, photos and digital files is passed Monday, it could seriously endanger press freedom in the country.

Bank gives warning: A disaster preparedness drill may disrupt real banking..

London rocked by events..

Russell Investments Chief Economist Dueker Found Dead

Sunspot AR1967 has released at least seven M-class solar flares over the past 24 hours.. Three CMEs have been produced–it appears they are earthbound.. From SPACEWEATHER.COM: “AR1967 is wider than the planet Jupiter and its primary dark cores are big enough to swallow Earth many times over”…More at Space Weather

A strong earthquake rattled the island of Cephalonia in western Greece early on Monday, the second tremor of this scale to hit the region in just over a week. The tremor measured 5.7 in magnitude and struck at 0308 GMT…

314 years ago Sunday, a megathrust earthquake devastated the Seattle region … ready for another?

RIP: Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the greatest actors of his generation..
More details emerge..

Woody Allen says sex allegations are a lie..

Awwww, poor Bieber: Justin refused entry to clubs and parties in New York City.. No one wants the lawsuits or attention, Justin.. realize what your spoiled brat attitude did?
Beebs was permitted into the MAXIM Super Bowl party. And I bet he had a super bowl.

I have another Justin Bieber tidbit for you. A new controversy has arisen for the young DIVA after photos were released of him biting a stripper’s nipple. You can read about it here from the UK MIRROR.. If you want to.
TMZ is also on the case: Bieber & Pal Double-Team Topless Stripper ‘Ain’t No Fun, If the Homies Can’t Have None’

REPORTS: The White House says it will be responding to a petition calling for the deportation Justin Bieber–the petition has more than 234,000 signatures and counting..

Mila Kunis is the new face of Jim Beam. And no matter what you think, if you drink a lot of it, you will not get women who look like Mila Kunis. But you certainly may get those who look like Meg..

Paranormal past: Austin PA had a big flood in 1911. The town was stalked for a year prior by a strange man in black .. even newspapers covered the “ghost story from Austin” ..

Group checks Glouco jail for paranormal activity

New horror movies arrive on NETFLIX..

“EMAIL”: Kelvin Tong returns with new horror movie..

What makes a horror movie scary?

DREAD CENTRAL goes live..