In other news

Saturday morning news links from our world and beyond..

Questions continue to swirl around a shipment of Iranian missiles the Israeli navy intercepted near Sudan, with experts saying the weapons’ true destination might reveal a hidden agenda in Tehran

$125 mil later, NOAH banned in Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE..

Cracked dam near Hanford nuclear site has officials worried..

Fukushima water CONTINUES to pour into the Pacific Ocean..

NSA offers strange advice column for paranoid employees..

$$$: Ke$ha goes into rehab. Comes our Kesha. She has removed the dollar sign from her stage name..

Huge horror movie convention taking place near Philadelhia this weekend.. It’s the 27th MONSTER MANIA .. Robert Englund and the now grown-up twins from THE SHINING will be present..

NASA fails to find planet X.. so they say. NASA actually went to the extent of posting a blog mocking Planet X believers ..

OCULUS a contender for creepiest movie of the year..
The much hyped OCULUS trailer..

Trailer for horror movie SCHIZO becomes something else–a message to address stereotypes..

Horror comedy coming: Jersey Shore Massacre

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