Horror sites and movie message boards have been a buzz today after BLOODY DISGUSTING linked a SCHMOEKNOW report indicating that Dimension Films is ready for a new Halloween movie.. with a new Akkad..

It will be entitled HALLOWEEN: THE NEXT CHAPTER. Apparently it will be set for a fall 2015 release—imagine the first one came out in the late 1970s and we are STILL talking about the Michael Myers franchise *(amazing)*..

According to the report, too, Rob Zombie will not reprise his role as the official ruiner of something great.. No gorefest? not sure.. no storyline? maybe not.. But.. it’s going to be a ‘fresh’ take on the Zombie films. Whatever that may mean.

A new chapter, I guess..

The first thing I thought about the new film.. Didn’t we already have a slasher ‘chapter’ before? We did.. it was called FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER. Which was not the final chapter at all.. this new HALLOWEEN is the new Chapter.. And the second thing I thought: I don’t want a new chapter. I don’t want another Dr. Loomis, or another tale of Michael Myers.. or any other references to him in new films. I want him confined to Halloween 1 and 2.. I wanted him to have blown up in a Haddonfield hospital, never to return again.. I wanted Mr. Sandman to be the last thing I thought about when I recalled the Halloween movies.

Instead we have ended up with years of crap.. just plain garbage.. trashed heaped on us like weighted down rubbish .. Halloween 4? It was …alright. 5? Oh too much… 6? Ungodly.. 6 the director’s cut? Even worse.. H20? Josh Hartnett couldn’t even save it.. 8? Oh God live streaming from the Myers house? Rob Zombie..? Please stop this madness.. A new chapter? CLOSE THE BOOK.

This all needs to end..

Dr. Loomis shot him six times. And then set him on fire.. And John Carpenter wanted it that way.

Take the mask off.
Shatner called. He wants his face back.

Horror movies called.. they want the Akkads to stop making Halloween.. And now someone just needs to pass that along to DIMENSION—the company living in another dimension where reality doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to horror movie series that have just gone on toooo long..

Sorry Mike. We’ve had enough!

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