Sex comes back to haunt Megan Fox

The roll out of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is just about set for a momentous culmination.. the movie’s release will come after months —and many hardcore weeks—of Megan Fox headlines. She has cussed out haters, she said she’s sexy, and she dressed in attire that nearly didn’t cover the most sensual places on her body..

But perhaps regret is starting to creep in. Film companies has used her body and her beauty—not her thumbs—for about a decade. Her roles have focused on the beauty and not the brains.. and isn’t that really a shame.

USA TODAY reports this about her real attitude:

Just, please, please, don’t call her a bombshell in front of her kids. Fox, who plays intrepid reporterApril O’Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesreboot opening Friday, cringes visibly when she thinks about her two toddlers, Noah, almost 2, and Bodhi, 5 months, one day being confronted with images of their mother all sexed up.

“I wanted to be a superhero for my children. They can’t really see Transformers, because it’s too sexualized for them to deal with their mother. That’s their mother bent over the car. We don’t need to go there — maybe ever,” says Fox, 28, referring to her breakout performance in Michael Bay’s 2007 cinematic explosion.

Michael Bay’s use of Megan’s body in promos ..It has been apparent that TMNT spots are featuring her on purpose in order to attract a potential gender and age group.. And her outfits to the premieres? My oh my.. Little left to an imagination..

Even more sex related news concerning Megan Fox: Apparently, Brian Austin Greene is not having sex with Megan.. We know that because of gossip rags and E!ONLINE reporting it..

It’s bizarre to me—and always has been—to know the secret and sultry sex lives of Hollywood stars. People in grocery store lines have always eaten it up as much as the pastries surely in their grocery carts.. And now with the internet’s cheapening of gossip, now it’s even worse. The paparazzi would love to snap Fox and others in any position they could..
But Megan has kids.
And her body has been used for years..
Up and until now..

Regret perhaps? The uncomfortable fact that eventually her children will see films in which she’s bent overtop of a car with her scantily clad breasts hanging out? You can’t cover kids’ eyes forever.

But it will be ‘mom’ .. and no one wants to look at ‘mom’ ..

But Megan’s not just any mom.