Cautionary tales of Halloween danger

When you mess with the season of the witch, you often get the horns..

There are some who deeply believe that Halloween inspires the dark command, that the paranormal is real and the spirits of demons or the ghostly realm that exists briefly enters our own reality.

With that said, there are cautionary tales of danger and doom this season.. Two separate events over the weekend may be enough to propel those who already fear this time if year to become even more true to their beliefs..

1 is dead and 20 are injured as a Halloween hayride went berserk in Maine. A 17-year-old was killed when the hayride wagon at Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride overturned and slammed into a tree.. Brake failure is being blamed for the scene of real horror..

In Idaho,  a man was killed by a bus at a zombie attraction in a corn maze.. The bus was carrying paintball players. When the man was struck, some thought it was part of the attraction..

Be careful out there.
Avoid corn mazes.
And hay rides.
I always do.
Especially in October.


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