Shadows in the corners of your mind

This is the best month of the year for creepy stories, strange feelings, and the thinning of this reality and merging with another. Or so we think..

October’s season of the witch is one of the most beautiful times of year.. Leaves are shifting from dark green to the amazing colors of autumn.. The winds are a bit more chilled, with each breeze seemingly blowing deeper into your soul than those of the warmer months..

And the darkness–the darkness!
The darkness penetrates everything in October..
The sun is seen less. When it is actually in the sky, it shines dimmer–of course if you’re not reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s quite the opposite for you.

There’s one more thing that often happens this time of year.. at least to me: Shadows.

Shadows invade …call them shadow people, shadow figures, or just quick sliding darkness in the corner of your eye.

The ‘shadow people’ craze began over a decade ago. Since that time, the Internet and other paranormal sources have been in a constant buzz about what people were seeing.. But shadow people, or ghostly darkness, has been within paranormal lure for generations.  The tales of people seeing figures, dark creatures, or even shadow rats from their vision have been around for years. Some have applied very skeptical science to the notion that we are seeing quick bursts of a paranormal world. Hallucinations, perhaps.. Maybe just optical illusions that are mind is being tricked into thinking is real.

But try to tell yourself in the midst of seeing a peculiar darkness in your sight that it’s not real.. Attempt to explain away what your mind is attempting to explain .. Give it a go and dismiss that creepy and chilling feeling that comes over your entire being when you see a presence of darkness, and feel the cold wrath from the corner of a room..

Floaters? optical tricks? brain lapses?

Or maybe a shadow being…
Maybe this world is thinning this time of year–the season where we are on the verge of spilling over into a spirit world..

Ever since I was a kid, I always felt a bit strange on or around Halloween. There seemed to be a very thin reality during that evening.. Maybe pop culture has reinforced the premise that Samhain is really a paranormal reality.

I cannot say if the other worldy does in fact exist. However, I can say this: I have seen more than a few shadow figures this year.. All of them have taken the shape of a human mist, and all but one vanished when I looked directly at it.. That one that did not haunts me.

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