SOS to NINJA TURTLES toy collectors (written only halfway in a joking manner)

Attention parents of Ninja Turtles fans or adults who collect children’s toys: Some disconcerting developments have been taking place at stores across Pennsylvania–stores that regardless of size or location seemingly have become wastelands in the hunt for new Ninja Turtles action figures.. Is anyone else having the same problems finding new action figures that are not yet in the family collection? I myself have witnessed broken hearts with children staring at empty racks at Walmarts, Toys r Us, and other related locations. Even more, the figures displayed are already the ones purchased..

However, miracles can happen–one day my son found TIGER CLAW in a rather ghastly dollar store in a purposely unnamed hole in the wall town in Western Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania..

A few possibilities..
1) Viacom and Nickelodean are trying to create an artificial scarcity
2) Chinese factories can’t stop workers from committing suicide as good as APPLE does, therefore the scarcity is real
3) Parents buy up the new actions figures immediately when a truck delivers..

And that is why I am asking for help: Any store workers, delivery drivers, or people with insider information, I need to know the day that trucks delivers new action figures. I need to also know the day–and time–that workers restock shelves..

We need Rat King, Razhar, and Neutralizer. Nick also created new action figures.. probably ones I’ll just buy online..