America’s SNIPER: Who’s laughing at Eastwood now?

Dirty Harry’s days of box office glory aren’t gone, Eastwood is now able to brag about a global take of $500 million for his film AMERICAN SNIPER. He can also say it was the best of 2014..


SNIPER has now surpassed The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I to become the highest-grossing domestic film of 2014 with an estimated $337.2M take.. And with his weekends cash being counted the movie has surpassed the half a billion dollar make–a success given the controversy and concept behind the film..

Warner Bros has bragging right too, touting the fact that that SNIPER is now the number one war film ever..

This weekend’s box office was the lowest of the year so far..

Last weeks not so stellar horror film THE LAZARUS EFFECT sunk even more by 50%.. The Lazarus Effect has earned $17.4 million. However considering the lackluster reviews the movie got and the typical second weekend slump horror flocks endure, this movie is performing better than some others..

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