LIGHTS OUT review wrap

LIGHTS OUT is out .. the long awaited movie based off the short film that became a hit online a few years ago about a monster in a hallway. It is a James Wan production..

A few reviews worth noting on a notable horror 2016 summer film..

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY gives a B-  but also laments: “Suffice it to say that the mental health aspect of the story is not treated with respect, but rather as a simple plot device, to be used and discarded like so many shattered lightbulbs. In a culture that already doesn’t do well by victims of mental illness, it’s disappointing, and takes a lot of wind from Lights Out’s sails”

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Chicago SUN TIMES (always miss Roger Ebert when I see Roeper) opines:  “Awards committees rarely honor work in this genre, but Maria Bello deserves supporting actress consideration for her work as Sophie, the mother of a grown daughter named Rebecca (Teresa Palmer in a stellar performance) and Rebecca’s 10-year-old stepbrother, Martin (good work by Gabriel Bateman).”  A four star review

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LA TIMES approves: Mercifully, this isn’t a movie about moving into the sort of dubious piece of real estate that might as well have a “Beware of Ghost” sign hanging out front. It’s about what happens when our most cherished and familiar spaces no longer feel safe — not just because of the evil that has moved in but also because of the good that has long since vacated the premises.

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The film is currently receiving a 82% rating on ROTTEN TOMATOES.. Already before the movie even hits Friday night, there is chatter galore of a potential sequel..

LIGHTS OUT will be featured under the darkened lights of 2818 theaters.

But it also goes against ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE on almost 4000 screens..  As does STAR TREK. A big weekend for movies as the mid summer slumber sets in..

Depending on when In get to the movies and with who, either I will see LIGHTS OUT this weekend or my son will win the battle by default and we will be watching ICE AGE..