The horror entertainment of the year

I don’t have to recreate the list others have already done.. the top movies of this year undoubtedly contain the films IT and GET OUT. While GERALD’S GAME is also considered a great flick, I didn’t much care for it..

Concerning IT, the movie’s magic works because of how similar it is to STRANGER THINGS.. Pennywise is the horrid clown in a town full of uncompassionate and scared people. Children going missing, bullies reigning their terror on adults and kids alike.. It would seem that Derry is the worst place to live..
But…could it be worse than the small hamlet in GET OUT? Where a weekend getaway exposes hatred and is a truly amazing portrayal of modern racism? 
Or the town from STRANGER THINGS. Where not much happens. Except for an underworld creature of the upside down snatching children, and BARB..? 
All of these places seemingly are the worst places for people to inhabit.. But viewers can be delighted by watching in the comfort of their own beds or couches, or cozy modern movie theaters..
The top five of the year, movies/Netflix combo, in order of goodness:
4: IT
Yes, you saw that last number correct.
Jumanji.   Future president the Rock had some lackluster acting.. the cast ensemble, however, proved amazing. The late 2017 movie was a homage to the past, nostalgia, but yet recreated Jumanji in a new light.. it was potentially one of the better movies I have ever seen. I mean that.