The Sheriff’s office defends itself in the Kingdom of Nye

Las Vegas REVIEW AJOURNAL reporting this:

On Monday, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office found itself defending its decision to announce Bell’s death with a video on Facebook about 12 hours after he was found dead at his home in Pahrump on Friday.

The move has drawn some criticism online from people calling it an invasion of the Bell family’s privacy. But a spokesman for the rural department said Sheriff Sharon Wehrly recorded the video statement because Bell was “a huge celebrity” and “we knew we would be inundated with questions.”

“We received information that his death had already begun to circulate via Facebook, and in an effort to get factual information out to the public, prior to the onslaught of public records requests, we decided to do a short press release announcing his death and the pending autopsy,” said Lt. David Boruchowitz. “The release was made once public conversation and requests started coming in.”

Meanwhile the Dark Matter radio network will utilize this week to play classic MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT shows with host Art Bell.. and on Thursday Coast to Coast Am will feature a full program of clips of Bell, guests, and open lines, hosted by George Noory..

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