The Donald Trump book of secrets

The Washington POST just published a very interesting news article which asserts that Donald Trump would have the ability and power to release any secrets he wants to after he’s not an office anymore. He would not be governed by the classified rules that for bid him from talking now.

They state that because he’s in debt, and bitter over his loss to Joe Biden, he may just do that.

It brought to mind a story that ran a few weeks ago which stated that Donald Trump could possibly be the president to reveal UFO secrets, although the Washington POST article did not reference any extra terrestrial life becoming known to the public

But what if?

What if this president was the one to do it, being that is coming from him, 76 million Americans would say it’s fake and 71 million would suddenly get ready to be beamed up and anally probed.

There is no concrete evidence that Donald Trump will do any of this, but journalists have taken two more speculative reporting over the past four years as opposed to factual bits of information being relayed..

Screenshots for posterity: