‘Halloween Kills’ Heads for Killer $50M even with dual Peacock debut

The Halloween mood has set into the box office..

James Bond pic ‘No Time to Die’ while Ridley Scott’s historical epic ‘The Last Duel’ is bombing in its debut..

Enter Michael Myers..

At this point, even with the Peacock release along with theaters, the newest inception into the foray of Halloween flicks is set to debut at $50 mil or more; Quite the success story given some spate of negative reviews from critics. Movie goers have set into two camps: LOVE OR HATE. Very few happy mediums..

New Halloween Kills Trailer Confirms Surprising Story Element

The bloodiest installment yet imagines a world where Halloween 2 never occurred, so neither did any other.. The opening sequence provides a beautifully made 1978 flashback scene that would theoretically show us what the Shape did after he escapes Dr. Loomis’ gunfire.. This film even includes a Loomis lookalike to ad the ambiance to to the scene. When we fast forward to the modern times, Michael escapes a fire and murders fire fighters. the elderly.. anyone else who accidentally gets in his way. The trail of blood is long and cruel in HALLOWEEN KILLS..


The name is Halloween Kills.. so that.

Filmmaker David Gordon Green’s R-rated slasher pic earned $22.9 million on Friday from 3,705 theaters in North America for a projected $50 million weekend. Halloween Kills also launched Friday on Universal’s sister streaming service Peacock.

What is interesting is that it is not just the nostalgia seekers going to HALLOWEEN KILLS.. According to exit polls, Halloween Kills is being fueled by younger consumers — 73 percent of Friday ticket buyers were 35 and under — and a diverse audience..

Jamie Lee Curtis used the opening success to brag a bit on Instagram about the achievement:

WE DIDN’T SUCK! What you don’t know about me is that I am incredibly competitive and yet always underplay expectations. Always have. I hide expectations and couch them behind the belief that the process is what is most important but at the end of the day you still want it to be successful for myriad reasons. Mostly for the fans and then the studio, the creative teams and all the hard work that people put into it.
When Freaky Friday started its release and everybody said it would do well I remember simply saying to everyone involved “I hope we don’t suck.” When that movie reached $100 million I had T-shirts made for all of us that said “we didn’t suck.”I think I may need to be getting some new T-shirts made for my Halloween family.
Happy Halloween!