Michael Myers vs the first responders

This was bound to happen! Judging from the trailers and clips release so far, John Carpenters next installment in the Halloween series threatens to pummel first responders.

The movie “Halloween Kills” seems to begin with first responders and firefighters trying to put out the fire that Laurie Strode set to kill Michael Myers.

Instead, and angry and burned Michael exits the home and begins to slaughter any firefighters he comes in contact with, seemingly with their own apparatus and tools.

Now.. A petition has emerged in which a fire fighter is trying to get people to sign onto the demand to cut those scenes from the movie! https://www.change.org/p/change-org-stop-the-petition-to-remove-the-slaughtering-of-firefighters-in-halloween-kills-2021

It’s probably fair to say that the petition is getting more attention with media than it is with signatures, but it was all those expected given the world we now live in. They cancel culture mixed with a overzealous ability to make first responders saints in a time of Covid and other social upheaval.

And now they have met Michael Myers in a movie. They’re being slaughtered, without mercy. John Carpenter warned us of this, and it may not just be the first responders who see their demise in this film. It’s been billed as a bloodbath, a record-setting murderous escapade on a Halloween night. No matter how many petitions emerge, the film is set for release on October 14.