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But we had no idea that Disney was like the Vatican, unto itself..??

Stop the presses! Disney has its own government ?!

Forgive me, masters and oracles of knowledge across the Internet land, but as a lonely peasant from up in the Ukrainian/Irish coal region of Pennsylvania, I had no idea that Disney was a government unto itself..

I, along with many others perhaps, have just now become aware of it because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is threatening to strip Disney up itself government authority. This all in the heels of the battle over the quote ‘don’t say gay’ in his state. DeSantis signals support for stripping Disney of special self-governing status as feud escalatesFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signaled support for stripping Disney of its 55-year-old special status that allows the entertainment CNN

So basically Disney is the equivalent of the Vatican?

From CNN:

DeSantis’ remarks follow a revelation that some Republican state lawmakers are considering repealing a 1967 state law that established the Reedy Creek Improvement District, giving Disney the power to establish its own government in central Florida.

“Yesterday was the 2nd meeting in a week [with] fellow legislators to discuss a repeal of the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which allows Disney to act as its own government,” state Rep. Spencer Roach, a Republican, wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County.”

Lawmakers recently concluded their legislative business for the year and would not be able to repeal the act until they meet again next year, unless DeSantis or legislative leaders convene a special session to address it.

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