The Herding Bunny at the White House

Some odd developments at the White House today as it appeared the Easter Bunny had to herd President Joe Biden away from a path he was on near spectators at the Easter Egg Roll..A Biden press aide posted a picture of the Easter Bunny sitting at her desk on Monday morning, fueling speculation that she was wearing the suit

In a video the president can be heard mentioning Pakistan and Afghanistan when the Easter Bunny hopped — literally — into the middle of his conversation..


Biden was filmed speaking with reporters and guests at the cheerful holiday event when he began discussing Afghanistan, eight months after he presided over the US military’s chaotic withdrawal from Kabul that ended 20 years of American boots on the ground there.
Two separate videos show Biden speaking to reporters and White House guests when the bunny appears
In another angle, the president can be heard saying something about Pakistan and Afghanistan when the Easter Bunny interrupts himBiden appears confused at first before exclaiming something and walking away

And for an added political issue, the GOP has widely circulated photos of controversial Hunter Biden at the event..

Hunter Biden is captured running after baby Beau during Monday's White House Easter Egg Roll