What we witnessed today was nothing short of remarkable.. Chips will fall where they may. More questions will be asked.. and witnesses will undoubtedly be doubted over a lack of specific names and locations of alien bodies and players.. But what we heard today was nothing short of historic..

UAP summer

Senator Chuck Schumer wants answers on UFOs. Or as the media and government officials now call UAP’s. It’s a very interesting time that we’re living through no? The idea that government officials are putting the term extraterrestrial into legislation and public statements. News media talking about the twilight zone as though we live right in … Read moreUAP summer

UFOs among us

Or should we call them UAPs? Seriously, we live in an amazing time. The idea that government hearings are being held about the existence of these crafts, whether mend or unmanned, is amazing. Not sure what will come from this, whether it’s disclosure or Project blue beam, but either way here we are.


Pope wrote his reasoning in the GUARDIAN A first step in reframing the debate might be changing the language. The term “UFO” has become as obsolete and baggage-laden as the now largely-defunct “flying saucer”. Both are widely, but wrongly, regarded as being synonymous with “extraterrestrial spacecraft”, when self-evidently all the phrase should mean is something … Read moreNICK POPE ARGUES THAT THE TERM “UFO” IS OBSOLETE