THE DAY THE SKY FELL. February 15, 2013 news from the world


Today appears to be the day when the sky fell..
The meteorite in Russia that slammed.. and the asteroid about that is going to …wham without the slam..

NASA says there is an alarming loss of water in the Middle East.. I have long read predictions of future ‘water wars’.. lots of prophets prognisticated it would occur. We are seeing drought conditions in so many places throughout the earth, it makes me think those water wars will be here before we know it..

During the worst of the worst for passengers aboard the luxury cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, human waste was freely flowing down walls and through hallways.. There is no way in my mind to believe that, at the very least, supplies or port-a-potties could have been air-dropped from helicopters…

The clean way of doing it: More women turn to the morning after pill.. So does that mean more women are having ‘nights before the pill’?

Restaurant in Japan fining patrons for not finishing meals! (No one tell Michael Bloomberg about this!)

A recent University study suggests we may be living in a virtual reality simulation.. But another study asks if we are all living in the future.. According to the report on the study, “A small group of advanced meditators who use the “non-dual” technique, were tested. While meditating, they were subjected to random interruptions: a flash of light and a beeping sound. Measuring their brain activity, Radin found that significant brain changes occurred BEFORE the light flashes or the beeps”… That is very interesting stuff..

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