You know why American students are so bad at science…?

Here’s an example.. A story comes out that an asteroid may hit in 2032 (and another one in 2036, but that’s besides the point) .. and what does the news media collectively do? Put it at the end of their newscasts, or the back of the paper, and make a little funny quip about ‘better get your stockpile of food ready’ or something else they find funny.

But it’s not very funny to think that an life-altering event may take place—in our lifetimes! It’s not too humorous to imagine a world where food can’t grow, water is not clean, and everything eventually dies off.
Science is also mocked, left until the ‘end’ of the broadcast.. and when spoken about, changed into a political debate instead of scientific one..
Science is not respected much by this modern world.. And certainly kids in high schools aren’t given many examples in life of their piers respecting much of anything about it.
Believe in earth changes? You’re an elitist.
Scared of 2032’s asteroid strike? You’re a prepper..
All political.
Never scientific.. 
It is frustrating indeed.
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