Imagine.. a world where reputable and mainstream publications are presenting information about potential alien artifacts on the moon!

Did Richard C. Hoagland’s past books get read over the weekend? Or maybe this: It possible that if traversed our galaxy, there’s a chance they left behind evidence of their travels on the moon.

This is coming not from the ramblings of some late night Coast to Coast AM guest, but real scientists.

FORBES was among the many sources today to report a long time SETI scientist’s thoughts on the moon.. Paul Davies wants crowdsourcing to find some strange anomalies on the moon..

While some laugh and scoff, it’s worth noting the obvious: We don’t know much of anything about what happens in this universe, nor what this universe even is.

The chances of artifacts being left on the moon? You can decide.. but shouldn’t we first check the moon before we discount the idea altogether?

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