Did anyone catch the Beyonce 20-minute monstrosity last night on the MTV awards? Fans are going wild for her performance on Twitter–people practically are bowing down and giving their souls over to Sasha Fierce. But I myself didn’t really get it, nor get into it.. There was the awkward moment when Jay-Z brought their adorable child on stage–awkward only because tabloid rags tell us there’s a chance that Z and Fierce may soon move to splitsville.

Back to the badly lip-synced performance: The Associated Press is telling us to “bow down” to Beyonce.  The AP music writer gushed, “Beyonce sang and danced in a metallic leotard while Blue Ivy and Jay Z watched from their seats as the diva declared: “MTV, welcome to my world..”

Some believe we’ve been in their world for quite a while–the world of Illuminati influences and choreographed creepiness.

And if you felt a little weird watching the VMAs on MTV–if you were able to get past Nicki Minaj’s fake wardrobe malfunction (I say it was staged), then you noticed the big ‘666’ stage for the show.. And twas the night no MTV..

And now onto the real news… Or is it.

A Monday morning wrap of things that may matter:

The aftermath of the 6.1 quake in San Francisco:  Large cracks in highways, some cracks 10 feet deep and hundreds of feet long.. Apart of the reports of the quake: An explosion happened first and then shaking for about 30 seconds later.. One witness interviewed said that the shaking from this quake seemed ‘worse’ than previous quakes..  And it’s just the start?

But here’s a great example of CREATIVITY after the quake!  Rock on, sk8ters.

Add this to the weird mix of quake news: On August 22, before the San Francisco earthquake, the Salton Sea stink caused an ‘odor advisory’ to be issued.. There was a ‘rotten egg’ smell before weeks before..

Reports indicate that the SAN FRAN shakes may cost a billion bucks..

Not related, but seemingly connected in my unscientific point of view:  Hundreds of gas plumes have been found off the Atlantic Coastline of the United States, bubbling away..  They may have been bubbling for a while. But how would we know, we just discovered them..

Now that Hurricane Katrina is well behind the city of New Orleans, there is a rebound in the underground:  Voodoo that some do so well is back.

Another day..another mainstream news source is reporting on haunted happenings in a house. This time it’s in Iowa in a house with the address “End of Skip Level Road.”  It’s the story of Bill Meyer and his wife Annie, and how something drove them from their home in 1959..

For all the weekend warriors who missed this over the past few days off, attention: Scientists have been watching .. the drought in the West is so bad, the ground itself is beginning to rise .. Also this:  The weather this year may be the most unusual–on record!

Discern this: A ‘ghost’ photographed over the town of Veszprem in Hungary.. 

The family of Michael Brown said that, days before his shooting death at the hands of the Ferguson police officer, he confessed Jesus was his savior and said soon the entire world would know his name.. We do..

That’s what friends are for.. The ally of the United States, Saudi Arabia, had a busy August. They have executed 19 in a ‘disturbing surge of beheadings’..

Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Causes unknown for weird red glow over the Pacific Ocean on the night of August 24…

A haunting photo essay depicts the women who are suffering after sexual violence in the military. 

ISIS captures key Syrian air base..And with that capture, they now have open roads to the sea and a massive storage of weapons and ammunition..

This is a must read that no one has read: A ‘complicated case of leaky radioactive dump in New Mexico,’ from the LA TIMES. The main gist of what to know: In February, a 55-gallon drum of nuclear waste erupted and began spewing radioactive foam. Oh, and then it went airborne. And this: 150 workers were NOT TOLD TO MOVE away from it until about 10 hours after the white foam eruption.. Oh, and this: Nine days before the radiation release, a truck caught on fire underground and burns for hours before people knew about it.. And the best: The government failed to do any radiation tests despite peaks after the leak..

Your pocket is following you.. The WASHINGTON POST reports this, and we’re really not shocked: Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent.  And speaking of the death of privacy, do you use “SECRET,” the anonymous sharing app?  Don’t be shocked, but there’s a good chance your secrets may be known by all .. the APP isn’t an anonymous as believed to be..

A Medecins sans Frontieres worker prepares to enter a high-risk area of an Ebola treatment center in Liberia.
Ebola has spread outside of West Africa..

Fracked: NBC news reports: A construction boom of pipelines carrying explosive oil and natural gas from “fracking” fields to market — pipes that are bigger and more dangerous than their predecessors -– poses a safety threat in rural areas, where they sometimes run within feet or yards of homes with little or no safety oversight, an NBC News investigation has found.

Welcome to the future: Robots may soon murder humans..

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown partied it up–before the pre-VMA party shooting that left rap mogul Sue Knight shot multiple times..

JURASSIC PARK star dead at 90..

SIN CITY tanks at the box office!  The movie debuted to only 1/3 of its projected audience numbers..

And finally, at this hour.. wince and read: A Croatian man has been arrested. His crime? Look no further than his nickname: The ‘Penis collector’ ..