Sharknado 2: The best worst movie of all time

While some mock it, and others decry the acting skills, I quite loved it. How can it not be loved.. I certainly will not review it, rate it, or recommend it.. unless you’ve got a well established group of friends who, perhaps a wee bit, are under the influence of some sort of legalized liquid mind changer. Otherwise, you’re forced to see the movie for what it is: A tremendous waste of time.

But that’s why I loved it.
Time was meant to be wasted, especially on a Sunday night when the other real new programming on is HOARDERS..

Tara Reid? Oh my.. but making up for her lack of skills to deliver a solid line even in a joke film: Al Roker and Matt Lauer driving sharp objects through CGI sharks. That cannot be missed..

So watch this at your own peril.. try to make it a group thing. If it’s not.. you’ll wonder why you did what you just did..