A Sunday morning headache free sidewalk

On any website I have ever owned and operated, I have often called the Sunday update the ‘Sunday morning sidewalk’ … It’s best if you listen to SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN, your favorite version, as you read.. I am listening while I write.
I fondly recall being a child in the town of Centralia, PA (look that if you don’t know anything about it), racing up and down the street on a Sunday morning on my awesome three-wheeler.. My father in the house loudly playing that song .. my mother yelling out to keep it quiet because Church next door was in session. Those were the days…So long ago but yet somehow to close in the mind.. as though I could reach out and grab the past to bring it back in..
And some may think that Johnny Cash is the only one capable of singing that song with perfection. I disagree.. Chris Kristoferson does a fine job. As did a few others who covered it. So your favorite does not have to be that of the deeply mellow Cash. Though for some reason, that song brings a deeply mellow feeling to my soul..

But there are things happening around the planet.. news of importance and some not.. It’s all another day.
Another Sunday.
Another Sunday morning sidewalk.

It’s going to be a beautiful late summer day in New York City.. The perfect day for a climate change march.. While I don’t take any scientific side on this issue for the purposes of this news update, I say only this: The ice caps are not gone as some predicted they would be by 2014.. But climate change is real. Weather is altering in many places. However, it happened before. And will again.. The what extent human beings are destroying the planet? The evidence for our own ruin can be seen in oceans. Plastic heaps. Dumps. And fish are eating.. we are eating fish. We are plastic. Even more so perhaps than the plastic faced clowns of Tinseltown. I have a deeper concern over the GMOs and chemical modifications than I do about carbon emissions. .. Because in my opinion, there is direct evidence that we are destroying ourselves with what we eat..

TURNING TO IS ISIL IS news..(What are we officially calling them these days?) A history of ISIS beheadings–and a training manual of US sponsored Syrian ‘pro-democracy’ freedom fighters.. Good read.  Another interesting but yet chilling read: A Lebanese television channel recently aired a special on child soldiers. They quoted one young 12-year-old as saying that when he is a sniper and shoots soldiers, he doesn’t ‘feel anything.’ Even more, he says he has gotten used to being a sniper..

Dateline Texas.. a Texas hospital has exposed 700 infants to TB.. As scary as that news is, it is very real. The hospital named in El Paso: Providence Memorial Hospital.. 40 employees were also exposed along with the innocent young babies.. Letters have been sent to the parents of the children.. These potential dramatic numbers of exposure-maybes come after an employee was infected with the disease. That employee, in some weird horror-movie like twist, worked in the hospital’s nursery..

News today that the Secret Service is launching an investigation into the man who ran the White House grounds and actually gained entrance through the front doors. They should investigate. Heads should roll. No pun intended–the pun being formed by news that the man who was running the lawn actually was equipped with a knife in his pocket.. No word from any official that this was a form of a terror threat, but the threat of the President being taken down by some lunatic with a knife is a clear and apparent danger, apparently: The President was boarding his helicopter four minutes prior.. That’s not much time. There are some bizarre facts coming out about this incident, as well.. As mentioned, the intruder had a knife. His name is Omar Gonzales. He is 42 and from Coppers Cove, Texas. The official police affidavit says that he carried the knife and claimed that he needed to talk to the President about the atmosphere collapsing.’ He also did three tours in Iraq..
No criminal history. Drug test negative.. So either he’s a lunatic with a three-and-a-half-inch Spyderco VG-10 black, serrated folding knife .. or he noticed, as we all did, that the gates of hades have opened..

Some quick hits of news for your viewing displeasure:
Columbia: A weird illness plagues girls.. it’s being blamed on the HPV virus vaccine. First their hands and feet feel cold. Then they go pale and cannot move. Some convulse and fall to the floor..

Timing is everything: Al Gore’s mic fails at a weird moment..

The vaccine debate has reared its head again (not referring to the ongoing CDC whisteleblower scandal, but another one): New study claims to show a link between widespread use of fetal cell vaccines and an upsurge in autism..

Why has the year 2014 been added to the Georgia Guidestones?

The best spokeswoman ever: JOAN RIVERS is still promoting the iPhone 6..

Kate Hudson sees dead people.. Read here.