FROM SPACE WEATHER: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected a powerful X1.6-class solar flare (Sept. 10 @ 17:46 UT). The source was active sunspot AR2158, which is directly facing Earth. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash From SOLAR HAM: Geoeffective Sunspot 2158 produced a strong solar flare this afternoon measuring X1.6 at 17:45 … Read moreX FLARE UNLEASHED; EARTH DIRECTED


The business world is full of psychopaths, grad student discovers » Student outs psychopaths by showing how they are capable of manipulating tests to appear normal. The main news to know: By combining results from a number of distinct psychological evaluations, undergraduate Carolyn Bate has shown that psychopaths with high IQs are capable of masking their … Read moreBUSINESS IS BUSINESS

Welcome to the gates of hell?

This photo shows the Pope speaking before his general audience September 10 2014. The official Vatican trade reported that Pope Francis greeted a paralyzed man.. There are several other photos from the day but this one I post just sort of stood out at me. Perhaps it’s because the scenery behind the people listening to Francis speak … Read moreWelcome to the gates of hell?

From the desk of the Final Pope

The Pope says we are in a Third World War » Apparently this happened back in August, right around the time when the Pope was reportedly told that ISIS was issuing him direct threats… Interesting commentary from Petrus Romanos Meanwhile, some other strange news has hit the Church: This time in the horrible atrocity of … Read moreFrom the desk of the Final Pope