Apparently people need to watch WHITE HOUSE DOWN again…

A man who jumped the fence at the White House late Friday made it through the North Portico doors into the building before he was captured, Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary told CNN.

Video Captures Man Sprinting Toward White House After Jumping Fence: ‘Everybody Out Right Now!’ »

One comment I saw online tonight: Did he scream Alulah Akbar or was he late for the Beer Summit?

All kidding aside, why wasn’t this guy dropped the second his feet dropped to the ground? This was beyond a security lapse..

The AP reports this tonight:

The incident occurred just minutes after Obama and his daughters left the White House aboard Marine One on their way to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland where Obama and his family were to spend the weekend. The White House did not respond to inquiries about whether first lady Michelle Obama was inside at the time.

That’s a little scary.. The video clearly shows the man nearly making it to the front door of the White House! And this from the AP too:

The Secret Service did not immediately say whether the jumper was in custody, but the fact that the evacuation was lifted indicated that agents had determined that the threat had been resolved.

What!? WE don’t know!? But we assume? I don’t frankly understand any of this .. Friday night absence of press releases or something?

A security lapse of near epic proportions..

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