My uncle passed away on Monday morning. He was a good, proud man..

His role in this planet, for what I can take from his life, was to be an inspiration for his children, his wife, his co-workers, and his extended family. Even though cancer ravaged every part of his body, his attitude was steadfast and his mission was strong: To live another day, and die some other one..

His battle was lost.
But he was still the victor..

Sometimes death is not a surprise, nor is it the worst case scenario. When someone is destroyed by a vicious circle of disease that never ends with radiation that kills, living becomes more difficult. The possible becomes less likely: To recover fully..

The man I knew on this planet has now met his fate.. The reaction from those who find out: He is in a better place.

And I hope he is..

For those who have read any of the text presented on this website since its inclusion into the World War superhighway web of lies and endless websites that offer up opinions, you may already know: I don’t know what happens when someone dies. And neither do you..

You can assume you do, pray you do..hope you do. But until you actually succumb to the fate you’re meant to, you will not know what door closes and which opens.. You won’t know if the light is where you go. Or if that’s just a trick, and the hillbilly with a bug zapper awaits your arrival on the other side.

So with that being said.. Nothing else can be.
Death gives inspiration for tears, fears, emotions, and grief.. but it does not equal easy words to heal. Healing comes with time.

As it slips away..

I do know this, though: My Uncle was filled with enough spirit to move a mountain. His mind was a pillar of strength and love. His body was a symbol of health until sickness took that away.. And his core soul was kind and amazing.. The sort of person that fills a room with joy just by a smile, and happiness just with his kind words. There’s no way that a soul like that just vanishes into an abyss of nothing. No way at all.

So may he rest in peace.. He left in peace. He will stay in peace.