The piano man strikes at 3am: A nightmare set to music of the mind

The witching hour has struck again.. The dream that turns into a nightmare.. just in time for 3am to show its ugly Face on the clock..

Let me explain.. for those who haven’t read this site for any bit before this post, you may not realize that I have a theory that most bad dreams and nightmares occur at or around 3am. At least mine.. and I have find some concurrence with others on the topic..

Last night it happened to me again.

Before I progress to the nightmare, I have to first say this. A few months ago, a reader sent me a message that I should listen to calming YouTube sleep hypnosis or music on earbuds at night. After trying it, it was surprising that actually the result ended up with NO DREAMS at all..

Last night I was just dead tired..I conked out early and, for the most part, has pleasant night visions.. I recall things got strange though. At one point, the dream turned odd when I was watching SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Chris Farley was on — he wasn’t dead in nightmare.. but very well alive and well-aged with time. The show opened and suddenly I heard the Bruce Springsteen song BORN TO RUN play loud. Suddenly, out of no where, I heard a lower octave G chord play on a piano. I turned in my house, saw my black piano –that I have in real life– and I saw keys being held down. I backed up, and saw the keys move.. I backed up more and before I realized it was shrieking in fear in real life. I had woken up, scared and in a cold sweat…looking at the clock on my phone, and seeing 3am.

I actually could not fall back to sleep. Instead I went to the computer and turned on Coast to Coast AM, all the while researching what exactly piano dreams mean.

The experts on these matters hold a piano dream to be in good light. Success is coming! Business is going to be good! If a piano plays!? Harmony..

But my piano dreamed was different than this harmonious affair the dream experts talked about. Instead, a dreadful deep note played and all I could do was sense a surrounding spirit of fear overcome me.

Then the real thoughts came in.. while in deep sleep, unless you are one of the few and proud who learned to master your own dream, you really don’t distinguish fiction from reality. That dream, for the moments you are in it, is real. Quite real as a matter of fact.This is how the piano dream feltfor me.. And how I know nightmares often feel for you.  

But I pondered… who was hunting me in my dream? What dead spirit? What deceased family member? And if one would actually try to make contact, that would be a beautiful thing! I would love the chance! And no one who I know who died had any grudge against me, just love. So the conclusion would have to be made that this entity is evil. It is not of my family. Not a friend. But a possession of some other sort.

It is unwanted and uninvited. But somehow stepped in my dream without warning ..

I didn’t want it to be there. It just showed up.. and payed the song of doom. Or at least a note of dread.

My question for you–you can answer in your own head–is this: Have you ever had a dream like this? One where an unspeakable force toys with you? And .. how real did it seem?

Mine seemed real.

Either the dread is something internal and deeply traumatic..or I am being hunted by a night stalker with no face or being..

Maybe the night stalker is the emotional roller coaster of the day’s toils.. Maybe it’s the fear of the night …

I will document this dream and move on.Hoping to never have it again.

UNLESS…the sprit decides to show its face. If only I can master the dream and ask the meaning, then perhaps I can master reality and figure out the meaning of that as well…

Happy dreaming, all.