The big island is getting ready to blow?

This is a matter of complete seriousness.. those in close proximity to Kilauea need to prepare now for whatever event comes next..

Today, explosive eruption at Kilauea’s summit sent an ash plume soaring 30,000 feet into the air, and officials warn that ongoing emissions — and future eruptions — could send ash falling over significant portions of the Big Island…

30,000 feet.. 


The Hawaii Volcano Observatory said the explosion within Kilauea’s Halemaumau crater had produced a volcanic cloud that reached as high as 30,000 feet (9,000 meters) and was drifting downwind to the northeast.

The observatory said residents living along the path of the ash plume should take shelter, and maintained a code red aviation alert signaled on Tuesday, meaning no air traffic was permitted in the area.

“At any time, activity may again become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles near the vent,” it said in a statement.

Lava illuminates volcanic gases (L) from the Kilauea volcano near fissure 13 on Hawaii's Big Island on May 16 -- the summit of the volcano erupted on Thursday (AFP Photo/MARIO TAMA)
What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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