Netflix finally dropped a new promotional ad for STRANGER THINGS 4 — but it wasn’t much to see..

You can judge for yourself;

The ‘teaser’ was more of a clip-by-clip rehash of seasons 1 through 3–even a little promo was included to remind viewers that those first three seasons were still on Netflix..

But the real news, if there is any, is a very much alive and thinner Hopper holding what appears to be a weapon in one second of the clip, and Eleven with long hair …

The show will be dropping in 2022.

That’s right, 2022.

The biggest obstacle Netflix may now face is lack of interest.

With the crew from Hawkins aging quickly, how much more can these delays do to hurt a potential season 5? Or four it and then the branch off shows with side characters and other stories?

As always we will happily watch season 4. But .. it sure gets tough waiting when the last time we saw the gang was Fourth of July so many years ago now.

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