‘Very contagious’ tomato flu virus detected in kids

“Tomato flu” was first identified in India on May 6 and has so far infected 82 children, who are all under the age of 5, according to a study by the Lancet Respiratory Medicine Journal.

A further 26 kids up to the age of 10 are suspected of having cases of tomato flu.

Aptly named for the red blisters that appear on the skin, the new virus comes armed with fever and joint pain.

“Just as we are dealing with the probable emergence of fourth wave of COVID-19, a new virus known as tomato flu, or tomato fever, has emerged in India in the state of Kerala in children younger than 5 years,” the Lancet reported.
— Read on nypost.com/2022/08/19/what-is-tomato-flu-very-contagious-virus-detected-in-kids/

It’s going to be a sloppy autumn. Covid still sprouting.. that weird adenovirus liver disease among children.. monkeypox fears especially in colleges.. and now the tomato flu.

It’s not considered as dangerous as other infections but boy oh boy it sure just seems to be constantly overwhelming doesnt it?

School begins in mere hours (or already did)

The melting pot of diseases and viral infections about to do it’s annual boil..

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