Chaos and crisis.. the world is at war

But wasn’t it always?I now have a niece who just became a nurse.I have a nephew who just became a Marine.Things fall into place, somehow.. Even with the chaos and crisis, like Egypt’s newfound Arab Summer and Coup-d-e’tat … things seem ‘ok’ on the Fourth of July.But just ‘ok’..This year, it feels strange. Edward Snowden.. … Read moreChaos and crisis.. the world is at war

Over the DOME

Last week, the HORROR REPORT didn’t review UNDER THE DOME so well.. as a matter of fact the acting was worse than the typical made for TV Stephen King special.. week number two wasn’t much better. And audiences are responding.. Though UNDER THE DOME is still considered a success, the ratings dropped 12% compared to the … Read moreOver the DOME

THE CONJURING looks really, really good

Sometimes Hollywood can be creative. I say sometimes only because its creative brain appears limited lately.. we have been handed solid storylines of destruction–booms and doom that occurred at box offices before.. and will again. So often, viewers and reviewers get the same storyline over and over again. This summer, the White House blew up … Read moreTHE CONJURING looks really, really good