SOME NEWS FROM THE WORLD.. For better, but mostly worse. DNA ‘first proof’ linking Boston Strangler DeSalvo to victim.. Phone companies earning big progts as wiretapping merchants for Uncle Sam.. Polish exorcists will discuss Madonna (the singer) at meeting.. Monsanto is ‘losing the press’.. Fukushima contaminating the Pacific.. HOLY MONEY! Inside the vaults of the … Read moreTHE FRIDAY NEWS COLLECTION


Those who have been paying any attention to ARTBELL.COM will now notice that the website not only has a sound effect in the background, but also text morse code on the page.. The code reads as follows: .– .- -. -. .-      – .- -.- .      .-      .-. .. -.. . ..–.. Some savy internet users immediately realized that the hidden code would be discerned quickly at .. it appears that … Read moreWANNATAKEARIDE?