A thirsty Thursday, but not a wonderful sequel.

NEWS FROM THE WORLD THAT IS. Seconds ticking away. The world that was.

This entire idea makes me sick.. The Slaying of Sandy Hook is a new game you’re sure to hear about. The game allows you to reenact Adam Lanza’s murderous rampage of innocent children .. A timer ticks down while you shoot the stick figures–the time representing the moment police arrive. You also get compared to the actual kill amount from Sandy Hook.. And to make the game even more insulting to humanity: You can play the game in ‘gun control mode’ ..

BP is paying trolls to harass online critics..

Ten Obamascare stories you’ll need medical attention for after reading..

JFK: The vision of peace that never happened..

Three more ‘knockout game’ attacks take place in Philadelphia..

Smoke em if you get em: Mt. Etna erupting blew a vortex ring.. Hope it was as good for the magma as it was for the crust.

Dramatic footage shows volcano giving birth to new Japanese islet..

A glowing lake in Puerto Rico has mysteriously gone dark..

And runoff from the construction of a nearby water and sewer treatment plant is being blamed, at least in one theory..

School lunches in Canada: Parents being fined for not including horrid food in lunches? The irony..

New York City now has the tallest skyscraper. That means it will also be hit with the ‘skyscraper curse,’ a legend that says the city with the tallest building will be hit with economic chaos..

New evidence: Mars Moon Phobos Is a Captured Asteroid

Another stake in the heart of the 1990s and Internet infancy: AOL is now officially going to shut down Winamp. Blockbuster closing killed the 1980s, Winamp’s death kills the 1990s once and for all (with Geocities gone, it was already on life support). I get new technology comes and old goes.. but pause in a brief moment of silence for Winamp. It served us well when the days of the net were new.. It did good.


It’s not such a wonderful life.. A sequel is planned to the classic Christmas movie. And Paramount may take legal action! They are attempting to block the sequel to IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE because they own the rights to the 1946 classic.. Florida-based Star Partners and Hummingbird Prods already was lining up a cast and crew. Hopefully their life stays wonderful–but actually I also anticipate this movie may not get made. And should it? I say no.
It never really was a wonderful life anyway.

HUNGER GAMES mania striking..
The dark knight of young adult films..

Latin American horror film directors are now a force to be noticed..

AMERICAN HORROR STORY 4 to be set in either Santa Fe or New Orleans..

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