Conflicting Saturday: I’ll take Crimean Tatars with my Ukraine Crisis



Original update: There are multiple weather models showing the storm this weekend moving north.. and south.. and no where.. and here. And there. My area is bracing for 1 to 25 inches of snow. That’s an old joke, of course, but this go around it’s actually quite accurate. The weatherman knows a storm is brewing–they are getting better at timing–but they sure aren’t sure yet as to what path it takes…

The sun shines.. but so many nations see war planes on bright and blue days. I worry about war today.. This world has seen way too much of it in modern life. But so much more seems to be coming..

Some Saturday morning news to use or lose this bright and shiny sunny morning:

The world is watching–and some are holding collective breath–as Russia and Crimea continue to embroil themselves in an inevitable war.. A few days ago, the BBC ran a good article explaining what was so dangerous about the situation in Crimea..

The other facts as they are known at this hour. It may change by next hour:

Russia extends its reach in Crimea with calls for troops in Ukrainian region..

President Obama is warning Vladimir Putin that there will be ‘costs’ for Ukraine action..

But… Putin is holding the cards and dictating the timetable..

This is the dogs of war floating at sea.. WE should all be watching these provocations closely: Russia is seeking access in eight countries for its ships and bombers.  There is already a mysterious ‘spy ship’ docked in Havana..  But now they also want to be set to fire in Cuba, Venezuela, Singapore.. and more..

As expected.. the United States is scrambling for intelligence on the developing crisis..

Some history: Crimea was a gift to Ukraine. It happened in 1954 and, in between Nikita Khruschchev famous using his shoes as weapons during speeches, he gifted the beautiful Crimea to Ukraine.. that was back in happier days when mother Russia claimed Ukraine for the Soviets..

The Budapest Memorandum was signed in 1991 by Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma - the then-rulers of the USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine. It promises to protect Ukraine's borders, in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons
There are also some other reports worth contemplating. Back in 1994, President Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yelstin, and Leonid Kuchma signed a treaty. That treaty, now it’s said, may actual embroil the United States and Britain into a war with Russia if Russia invades Ukraine!! The agreement signed back in the roaring 90s had world leaders vowing to protect Ukraine’s border. Things were happier then.

And lest we forget… a month ago media outlets quietly reported that Iran was sending warships close to the United States East Coast border.. 

So you see how this could could quickly get out of hand, right?
Just as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand..