FREAKY FRIDAY: Whiskey in the Jar

The happenings..
The hell..
The highlights.
All in a week’s end..

Here are the things and news events I am paying attention to .. maybe you should to. Or look away in fear..

Queen Elizabeth II meets Pope FrancisPHOTO: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip exchange gifts with Pope Francis at the Paul VI Hall, April 3, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican.
The Queen meets the Pope.. and the Queen actually was 20 minutes late! But I suppose her gift smoothed things over: A bottle of whiskey..

Pope Francis will be in 3D at the end of April in unprecedented ceremony.. 
Hologram world: MIA and Janelle Monae perform life in hologram duet..

Big tornado rattles St. Louis.. other severe weather made its way through the Midwest last night..

A Texas family claims that they have caught LIVE chupacabras.. 

Zillow to give Chinese homebuyers access to listings from the United States..

David Letterman retiring: Expected to quit in 2015.. Letterman surpassed Johnny Carson in being the longest running late night host … Source says that Jimmy Fallon’s high ratings ‘pushed’ Letterman into retirement decision..

Scientists say that Yellowstone will not erupt.. They are dismissing, especially, the videos purporting that bison have been ‘running for their lives’.. And then there is this new information: The temperature at Yellowstone’s lakes is +20C (above normal)..60 quakes were registered in the area with the increased water temperatures..

Scientists are also telling people now that the Ring of Fire quakes lately are not related..

Ebola has escaped its borders.. now suspected in Mali, where there suspected cases are now in isolation..

The Space Station had to dodge space junk–again.. And here on earth, a skydiver was doing his thing when a meteorite narrowly missed hitting him! Here is the video of the near hit. Clyde Lewis pointed out on his Facebook pagethat if a meteorite almost hit a man, he believes that a meteor may still be the blame for the missing flight 370.

This is big, big stuff: Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of subsurface water on Saturn’s moon Enceladus.. With that there may be life–not beachgoers rocking to tunes on a sunny day, but microbes doing what they do best in running water.. We are not alone.

War coming: Battle for food and water on the way as climate change continues, we’re told..

James Van Praagh to bring his ‘visions’ to Ohio paranormal festival..
Video flashback: Praagh failing miserably. 

The most anticipated horror movies of 2014

Why aren’t Christians making more horror movies?

OCULUS: Facebook sale fuels horror movie boost..

New reality show on FOX: Searching for UFO and paranormal enthusiast for program called UTOPIA..


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