TURTLES overperforms at box office

Michael Bay is undoubtedly driving his former arch enemy Megan Fox to the bank this weekend.. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES captured a bigger audience than expected for its North American release..

The NINJAS are expected to rake in $64 mil in box office numbers this weekend. It will finish as the number one film in America.. that in spite of tremendously negative reviews and even more negative ratings on fan sites.. The movie seemingly has captured an audience, though: Megan Fox brought in the teenage wasteland while the NINJA TURTLES brought in the 30 somethings crying out for their youth–this movie isn’t the same NINJA TURTLES experience they grew up on, but all things in life must change..

The other films bringing in cash:

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will finish second place..

INTO THE STORM opens at third–I actually thought this weather disaster movie may have done better, but perhaps its premise is too close to how wild our reality in life is…

THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY will be fourth.. LUCY is fifth–dropping a lot from previous weeks. As expected..