Dawn of the dead

Things are truly getting bizarre. A few days ago I implored zombie hunters to get their twinkies ready as news broke that two Ebola patients in Africa reportedly rose from the dead..

The steady stream of people coming back to life has not abated. The latest is from Greece.. We’re being told by some of the lamestream media across the pond in the UK that a cancer patient—dead, mind you—began shouting from her casket in her grave.. This is what the LONDON TELEGRAPH reported:

Police said a cemetery worker and two people visitors heard a woman’s voice from inside the 49-year-old cancer patient’s grave on Thursday.

The sounds were reportedly heard by the passers-by shortly after the last relatives of the deceased had left her funeral in the northern town of Peraia.

They are believed to have dug up the grave to try to save her, but by the time they got her out of the ground she had suffocated inside the coffin, according to Greek media.

A doctor summoned to the cemetery pronounced her dead, but dismissed claims that she had revived and had called for help.

Of course a doctor would poo poo the claim that someone rose from the dead .. After all, real zombies don’t exist.

Except this week.
Three.. two with Ebola, one with cancer..

In this case, the ending was sad, times two.. After the family left the gravesite, the woman actually died again.. If she was dead to begin with, of course.

But at this point, there will be no proof to offer anyone that someone rose from the dead.. The story is complicated. Perhaps the first trauma didn’t kill, and a funeral home didn’t notice.. Maybe embalming did not happen. I don’t know. But I do know that the news has been freaky lately..

As to whether or not she rose from the dead? She’s dead now.. So…….