New medical concerns for radio host Clyde Lewis

After a number of medical ailments that Ground Zero radio host Clyde Lewis has talked about on his program, a new crisis has his the personality. According to his Twitter and Facebook page today,

Clyde Lewis was admitted to a hospital in Vancouver, WA today and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He will be staying approximately three days while they clear it. Thank you for your continued support. Clyde is, at the moment of this posting, awake and resting.

The news has unleashed a barrage of kind comments from readers, wishing Lewis a speedy recovery and hoping that he will soon return to his rightful place on the radio.

The HORROR REPORT agrees with this sentiment. Lewis has been an amazing influence in the world of paranormal and parapolitical topics. His own personal health is the top concern at this time. We are praying for his recovery and hope that he’s in good hands the hospital.

May his recovery be speedy.. and his health be soon better.
He’s been through too much.



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