Passenger and military jets both report seeing UFO over Canada

On the night of July 30, a Canadian military and a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight reported a UFO over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

According to an aviation incident report posted on the night of Aug. 11, both flights “reported seeing a bright green flying object” that “flew into a cloud, then disappeared” in a stretch of open water between Quebec and Newfoundland. 

Few other details were made available in the report, which appeared in CADORS, the Canadian government’s flight incident archive.

The summer of UFOs continue.. Much less bang and much more whimper.. but sightings continue in the strange dark skies..

Vice has this follow up:

“In this particular incident, there is nothing to indicate that what the crew saw posed any kind of safety risk to the aircraft,” they added. “We believe that they saw something—they would not have filed a report otherwise.”

A spokesperson from Nav Canada, the private company that operates Canada’s air traffic control system and whose employees would have received the initial reports, told VICE World News that “there is no additional Nav Canada information available for these events.”