Vaccine efficacy hysteria: Following the science to oblivion

This post may be shadow blocked. Or deleted.. or whatever-ed. Anymore, it’s tough to say.. Yes there are people who profess against science and common sense. But there are also those who question nothing..

This post is not going to be anti-vaccine. But just anti-bad journalism and sensationalism. All of which we have seen in increasingly large amounts in the previous year or so..

If you didn’t notice over the past several weeks since the Delta Strain of COVID-19 began to circulate widely and now take center state in the summer wave, journalism has been .. just weird.

On one hand, endless news media talking heads have used the term ‘unvaccinated’ as though they want to round up Americans who didn’t get the jab and electrocute them. Some have said they are guilty of murder.. take away their children, a few decry!

Meanwhile, the same reporters are admitting that vaccinated Americans are spreading COVID with their viral loads. Perhaps not getting as sick, but potentially giving the Delta variant to the unvaccinated masses in some circles of former friends.

The CDC has admitted breakthrough cases could end up being in the tens of thousands if not more. Heck, it seems every day we hear about someone in the Yankees baseball organization developing COVID–vaccinated Yankees no less.

So these breakthrough cases are causing confusion. Mass confusion. And yes, mass debate and hysteria.

Life in America in 2021 is a little more brutal on the COVID anger front than even back in the worst year in modern history, 2020. After all, back then we only had to scream out heads off about masks and social distancing. Now the hatred and hostilities over shut down orders behind us, we have moved on to government overreach vs the follow the science corners.

Rational discussion? HA! Not only a thing of the past but perhaps it will never return again.

We have fully replaced it with click bait headlines that have articles with nothing to offer but hysterical analysis and little to no facts..

Who what when where why has been replaced by talking points and one-sided sarcasm.

Journalism ain’t anything like it once was.

If people can get passed the vitriolic hatred that both sides on the vaccine debate have towards each other and try to just research what you can, things may be a little worse.

Today’s splashing headline on Axios was about dread in the Biden White House that the Pfizer vaccine was just 42% effective against Delta.

But wait…just a few days ago local news across America reported to their audiences that Pfizer was effective against Delta!

Maybe Moderna. So anohter study concluded that Moderna is MORE effective than Pfizer! The TIMES OF ISRAEL reported that Moderna is MUCH more effective than Pfizer! Good news, right?

But a previous study said that Moderna and Pfizer were just about equal in protection against Delta.

And Johnson and Johnson!? Some have called it the Dollar general vaccine.

The New York TIMES reported on a study saying that the J&J one and done is not effective against Delta. Some of the 13 million people who got the Jannsen are worried they chose the wrong vaccine, the Washington POST reports.

But while they fret over which company they went with, yet another study of Johnson & Johnson states that it is highly effective in preventing serious illness from Delta..

So what can we learn from this leaning tower of babel?

You can take your pick on which vaccine snobbery you side with.. you can be like Burger King and have it your way with the study of your choice.. but if anyone, ANYONE in the media, is confused as to why there is vaccine hesitancy, just watch your own news and read your owner stories for a few hours.. then tell me what to think.