I hate fish tanks, except this one

I hate fish tanks, except this one I dislike the work and hardships that come with fish tanks. Not only the dead fish who wash up to the top, but the endless cleaning.. endless power eating.. endless work. But I would make a sacrifice, as would my wife and son, if we could get this amazing … Read moreI hate fish tanks, except this one

Health non scares and selfish cares

Hypochondria and children.. They don’t mix well. Allow me to explain. I am a paranoid hypochondriac. I have always been a hypochondriac, since childhood when I thought every little thing was wrong with me and fretted endlessly about it.. and then into my teenage years when I held it private so no one would know.. … Read moreHealth non scares and selfish cares

About a year ago I wrote a critical post concerning UNCLE GRANDA (http://coalspeaker.com/post/63312159390/a-question-for-all-the-parents-out-there) .. I was also called to task on my statement. One reader wrote this at the time:  That show is great. Seriously. It is all about acceptance and just being yourself. Uncle Grandpa is there when you’re down and reminds you everything … Read more