The 33-year-old photo, signed sealed and delivered

In May of 2015, I posted a photograph of my son Ayden in a store that was closing in my mall. In the article, I mentioned how similar the photo looked to one taken of me, when I was three years old, in Centralia Pennsylvania.  I have the photograph of myself.  I did not publish it … Read moreThe 33-year-old photo, signed sealed and delivered

About a year ago I wrote a critical post concerning UNCLE GRANDA ( .. I was also called to task on my statement. One reader wrote this at the time:  That show is great. Seriously. It is all about acceptance and just being yourself. Uncle Grandpa is there when you’re down and reminds you everything … Read more

A great view from the Rock Bass Grill in Harrisburg tonight.. a good conversation with friends, a bit more about ringworm and MRSA than expected. But that is how strangeness rolls..I hope your Saturday was as peaceful as mine.. Good evening, all.