Strange times.. strange coincidences.. Weird timing. And bad things coming in threes.. It’s obvious that Americans are fixated on Ferguson.. the Middle East is trying to escape the clutches of genocide and grotesque videos of reporters getting beheaded.. But all the while, a few oddly-timed events occurred within hours of themselves involving Pope Francis. The … Read moreALL THINGS COME IN THREES

The Pope said wah? Oh no he did Not

NEW STATS! 1 IN 50! …..ONE IN FIFTY PRIESTS ARE PEDOPHILES BUT…. The Vatican is now in damage control–and denial.. The Church claims that Pope Francis was misquoted by the ‘left leaning’ newspaper.. And this: The BBC reports this: “When is a papal interview not an interview? Sunday’s edition of La Repubblica devotes its first … Read moreThe Pope said wah? Oh no he did Not