When Halloween comes to fast it’s good to just slow down and enjoy the rest of summer

I was shocked when I entered my local convenient market a few days ago and saw pumpkin and other assorted Halloween candy already on prominent display.. I was puzzled, befuddled, but at the same time very static to know that the summer he will soon end and turn into the beautiful autumn weather to come..

But just as quick I remembered, “my god this is summertime”! This is not the time to display a time no decorations or seasonal candy, it is the time to celebrate liberty and beauty, heat and those glorious summer nights of teenage lure.. It would seem that the marketing doesn’t necessarily reflect the glory days of the summer season, after all it appears that those powers that be would rather rush the season through and make you forget that the dog days of August are still to come..

And then came my trip to the mall.

One of my favorite places starting around September this to walk into the Spirit Halloween store. I have always loved this place, it is like shopping for Christmas months before the Christmas holiday season begins.. Ghosts and goblins and terrorizing creatures crawling on the floor, costumes which seem to grow a little more sexual every year, and those rubber knives with blood spattering inside with the push of a button. It is truly a wonderful place to shop!

But yet again to my surprise, be Wildermuth, and secret deep down joy, I saw a sign at the mall that the Spirit Halloween store is now hiring. I guess it is not too early when you need to find seasonal help.. And even though I enjoy those dog days of August I have yet to happen, I also enjoy the anticipation of waiting for my favorite season of all: autumn..

The anticipation will begin in earnest this year, aided by the inclusion of some early pants and signs of the season courtesy of those brilliant marketing executives high aloft and aloof in a city somewhere out there..

Coming this September: Christmas decorations and 2014 New Year’s hats! stay tuned for that

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