Tuesday terrors..


Cops arrest Vietnam vets at memorial in New York City..
The crime? They did not adhere to the 10pm curfew..

If the government shutdown continues, the United States nuclear Regulatory Commission will stop operating.. They will run out of funds this week.. One scientist is now on record saying “Yes, I’m worried.”

After lots of ‘bad press’ and even more confusion, the Justice Department has restored AMBER ALERT .. It was never ‘down’ to begin with.. a simple redirect occurred that took you away from the still live page.. clearly a staged takedown to cause an effect–which it, but it backfired ..

This land is your land.. but no one ever said the water was! The FEDs now trying to shut down the OCEAN due to shutdown!

China warns that the clock is ticking on the debt ceiling and default date.. If China calls, will we listen? They own much of what will default.. They don’t want their neighborhood to devolve.. Their investment needs to keep some net value. With Red China weighing in, let’s see how fast they pass..

Typhoon Fitow causes half a million people to be forced to evacuate in China..

Dennis Rodman maybe did not do so well this time around..? North Korea weighs in again on the foreign policy map: They have put their army on alert and warned the United States of ‘a horrible disaster’
South Korea says that the North has restarted nuclear reactor..
Military on ’emergency posture’

Not lovin’ it: McDonalds “Chicken” McNuggets contain 60% fat, bone, and cartilage.. It’s not big shock, if you have ever had to eat the so-called food product before, you’ll know that it goes far beyond mystery meat.. it’s a meatless mystery–and now we see it’s filled with bones, veins, and all the tissue that couldn’t be served up in a better place.

Five things about the killing of Miriam Carey that no one is talking about..

Your digital trail can be used against you.

The man who set himself on fire on the National Mall last week has been identified as Mount Laurel resident. D.C. police said 64-year-old John Constantino was the person who died last Friday during this strange event..

Three arrested in stabbing of soldiers..

Announced today: François Englert, left, spoke with Peter Higgs win Nobel Peace prize in physics.. Not a shock–but certainly a fair choice..

Judge Scalia says that Satan is real..

Former US West CEO Joseph Nacchio was released from prison last week after completing a four year insider trading sentence. He still claims the NSA framed him on the insider trading charges – after he refused to participate in their illegal phone surveillance program in 2001..

Congratulations to Clyde Lewis, who earned the title of best on air personality from KXL-FM radio in Portland Oregon.. His show obviously stretches far from just the rocky shores of Oregon–his program is a must listen to for millions each night. Often including this HORROR REPORTER..

Does evil exist or do bad things just happen?

Did you know your dog in another life?

Must read: How parents can literally break childrens’ hearts..

MUST READ: Why are so many kids cutters?

Miley and Beebs find a common interest..

Justin Bieber appears to be smoking pot in a new photo..

These aliens are on fireeeee!!!! Alicia Keys thinks ETs are among us..

Scarlett Johansson the ‘sexiest woman of the year’

CURSE OF CHUCKY director talks about sequel..

How GRAVITY filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron created weightlessness..