Friday night LIGHTS OFF

Breaking news is bad on Friday nights..
Reporters are most likely toasting their careers at a watering house somewhere on the wild streets of LA, New York City, or the houses of evil worship in D.C.

Mean while news breaks.
CNN went live–for a minute.. Then they showed a pre-taped Pistorius special. Now we know all we need to about Blade Runner.
CNN switched to Anthony’s PARTS UNKNOWN at 11. That’s important.

FOX went political.. very political. Hannity told us why conservatives will win. It was a rerun.

On MSNBC? As usual, they are showing years’ old programs about prisoners in their unnatural habitat.

And that’s how the BIG three covered the big event of a flight going missing over Vietnam.

Luckily Twitter is burning the midnight oil, tweeting with ferocity from around the world. 99% of the re-tweets are most likely rumor and falsehoods.. but by God at least there’s somewhere to turn for people who crave information–information that matters.

Note to breaking news: Stick to Monday through Thursdays. You’ll never get adequate attention on a Friday night.

There’s hope that real reporters still exist. Without makeup.. frantic.. and newshounds. Unlike any talking head you see on the big cable nets.
A photo posted on Twitter shows reporters busy in Malaysia waiting for word on the missing flight …

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