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MSNBC is collapsing under the weight of its ego.. The network has faced steep ratings declines.. the most recent: It lost a quarter of its already low number of viewers in 2013..

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, his wife Faiza Khanum Mustafa Khan and their daughter, seen here in a Facebook photo from July 2013.
New information becoming available regarding the pilot aboard flight 370.. as hundreds of pieces are now being found on satellites, it’s becoming a stronger possibility that the missing plane may be found (still too early to say with bad weather preventing people from getting to the site here the objects were found) .. And now this: A friend of the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was in ‘no state of mind’ to be flying the plane..

Fear is gripping West Africa as the Ebola nightmare continues.. It’s one of the deadliest viruses known to mankind and it’s on the loose..

Chris Dancy (pictured) is accepted to be 'the most quantified human' and uses sensors, devices, services and applications to give him real-time data about his body and the environment around him. The patches on his neck and wires coming out of his arms are not real and are intended to represent his 'connectivity'
Meet ROBOMAN.. he is the most wired person in the world. 700 sensors that capture every single moment of his existence 24/7.. His name is Chris Dancy from Denver, CO.. And he’s wired. Literally. This could be a glimpse of the future as we travel further down the road of transhumanism. .