The mystery continues: Cell phones of passengers on Flight 370 are ringing

It has been a wild day of news concerning the missing Malaysian flight 370..
It’s gone.. without a trace. Vanished.
Now at least ten countries are taking part in a search–and the area being looked at for evidence of a downed plane has expanded in reach.

There were signs earlier that rubbish and oil in the water may have been from Flight 370. However throughout the day, that possible door to an answer was closed.  Tonight the world scratches its collective head over the mystery, and families of hundreds of people are struggling and grieving the missing loved ones who were aboard the apparently doomed flight..

Conspiracy theories are running wild.
BEFORE IT’S NEWS is playing up ‘hidden electronic weaponry’ on the flight.. and 20 defense passengers on the flight.. Military-minded conservatives are rabble rousing on talk radio about the Iranian businessman who purchased tickets with cash for people who never boarded.. That plus the stolen passports of Italian businessmen saying they were alive and safe has made matters more than interesting. The United States is probing the terror possibility tonight..

Some rumors persist that the plane may have been turning around.. another report that the cockpit was actually contacted AFTER it was lost on radar.. Another rumor that North Korea was testing missiles and may have shot it down.. And even the possibility presented by Clyde Lewis that a meteor may be to blame.

All of these possibilities are only made possible because of the lack of clear answers.

If a terror plot brought down this plane, why the lack of claims of responsibility from any groups reveling in their success?

If the plane exploded .. why no debris? Why no oil? Why no evidence at all that a plane was destroyed?

Another rumor today that made its round online: The plane turned around and landed safely..Somewhere.

And this creepy aspect to the story is somewhat chilling: Calls are being made to passengers who were aboard Flight 370. The phones are ringing but no one is answering. If the phones are ringing, can’t a cell phone company be able to track down the locations of the devices!? One would surely think in our age of surveillance, it would be possible.. Right?

And THIS from the GUARDIAN, only adding to the shroud of mystery that already exists:

China’s central propaganda department appears to have issued a directive to reporters and journalists not to “independently” comment on the flight, and maintain coverage in accordance with the official government news agency Xinhua.

So as the planet enters day four of this amazing mystery, we’re left only to ponder over the possible outcomes that the passengers on board …

One more piece of oddity: The United Nations is asking nuclear experts to check to see if there were any explosions at high altitudes which could account for destruction of the plane..

…conspiracy theories abound, the media tells us.
I wish the media would stop insulting intelligence by labeling ‘conspiracy theory’ on anything–very intelligent people are befuddled by the mystery presented by MH370’s vanishing act. But theories, at this time, are all we have..

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  1. This does seem odd. And China would want to cover up a north korean missile accident. maybe that is why it is being covered up, NK is their ally. Maybe Kim Jong Un did it for his birthday celebration.

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