Monday night ramblings

While the world was busy trying to find a missing airliner, lots of other stuff happened.

A wrap on a troubling, troublesome, and scary day in March.

We’re Fuk-ed.. Radiation begins to hit the West Coast of the Untied States–despite all those experts who said no fear .. radiation is here. Of course it’s also being called ‘low level.’ Low level radiation.. It’s nice to put some happy adjectives before a dreadfully serious word, isn’t it?? 

Lots of earthquakes are rattling earth just in time for the anniversary of the big Japan quake.. in just the past day a strong 6.9 hit Northern California, a 5.8 rattled Southern Mexico..and this: Three earthquakes shook Ohio and were felt in Pennsylvania Monday.. ..  Some in Ohio called 911 fearing that the earthquake was actually an intruder in their homes..  Marcellus Shale territory .. One result of the earthquakes: Ohio has halted gas drilling near Youngstown. Not that there’s any connection…………….

Scientists have discovered that Yellowstone is TWO AND A HALF TIMES larger than previously thought.. the TORONTO SUN asks ‘when will Yellowstone blow?‘ .. and their report reminds us that most of North America will be ‘wiped out’..

America is filled with dilapidated structures, broken down bridges, and pothole infested highways. Trains are dead.. Malls are dying. The nation is shifting into a lower standard of living. But at one time this nation was thriving.. here’s some images of the past. It wasn’t great for all, and sometimes for no one.. But these photos of yesterday showcase perfectly that the nation was in its youth and alive with energy and vibrancy. .. 

Miley Cyrus

Here’s my parenting tip of the day: Children watch what you do, and say what you say. They emulate behavior.. they love and hate the same things you do. They have their own personalities, but the amount of sway that a parent has over the life of a child from the moment of birth on is amazing.. This YouTube video commercial presented displays great examples of how that could be a very bad thing.  Stay strong, parents. Your children–and the future of humanity–depend on it..
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