Not a Christmas Coke commercial. 

While this photo may not symbolize the sad and scared polar bear in climate change documentaries, it may be the better symbol of a changing global atmosphere. OR maybe the bears just found out they really liked the taste of something new..

According to the reports on the matter: Scientists are seemingly surprised and freaked as polar bears develop a taste for dolphin.. 

From the linked report authored by the AFP:

Norwegian scientists have seen polar bears eating dolphins in the Arctic for the first time ever and blame global warming for the bears expanding their diet.Polar bears feed mainly on seals but Jon Aars at the Norwegian Polar Institute has photographed dolphins being devoured by a bear and published his findings in the latest edition of Polar Research this month.“It is likely that new species are appearing in the diet of polar bears due to climate change because new species are finding their way north,” he told AFP.The first incident he documented was in April 2014 when his team came across a polar feeding on the carcasses of two white-beaked dolphins.Although dolphins are regularly seen in the Norwegian Arctic in the summer months when the ice has melted, they have never been observed during winter or spring when the sea is usually still covered in sheets of ice.